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UPVC Door Repairs in Walsall

UPVC and composite doors now outnumber traditional wooden doors. It's no surprise that this accounts for the majority of my work as a door doctor.

The main problem with uPVC doors is the plastic construction, which over time begins to warp, stretch and crack. This leads to poor fitting, a door that begins to sag and eventually not lock correctly.

Getting a uPVC door re-aligned is the first step and will ultimately prevent further damage to the door and it's locking system if maintained. A stitch in time saves nine, as the old saying goes.

For those that failed to address the above, you're no doubt in a situation where the lock no longer works, is temperamental or worst case scenario, completely jammed closed.

Again this is repairable, however a little more costly than a simple adjustment. It's usually remedied by carefully unjamming the lock mechanism and replacing worn or damaged parts for new. In some cases where locks are obsolete, the next nearest modern alternative will need retrofitting.

For those having really bad luck, I provide an emergency locksmith service to get you back in/out of your door. I've noticed that these things often fail at the worst possible time! If you have any questions or concerns about your door, just give me a call.

Handles, Hinges & Hardware

It's not just locks I deal with but also handles hinges and letter plates

Another cause of poor door alignment is worn or broken hinges, particularly outwards opening doors which are often caught in the wind.

You'll usually find at first that the top most hinge will shown signs of failure before the remaining lower ones, again sorting this out sooner rather than later will be the cheaper scenario and save you changing all three.

A lot of hinges are obsolete or hard to source but there's always a more modern alternative solution to get your door opening smoothly again.

Door handles are another heavy use item and can fail in various ways from blown spring cartridges or completely falling off when the circlips give up.

Most of the time a replacement is straightforward with various sizes and styles available, including uprated higher security handles carrying the two star rating.

upvc door lock repairs service in walsall

All other hardware is available for fitting and replacement whether it's a door security chain, new letter plate or just a complete furniture refresh in the same colour or style. All that's required is a quick visit to measure up before ordering in your parts.

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