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requiring a change of locks in Walsall

Changing Locks in Walsall

Everyone at some point, for whatever reason will require their locks changing at some point. We're here to make that as simple as possible.

We stock locks, piles and piles of the things! Locks for doors, locks for windows, budget locks, expensive high security locks. Whatever you're looking for we probably have it, or at least can source it for you pretty sharpish.

Having changed locks for thousands of people over the years, from homeowners to large businesses, you can rest assured that we have the experience to sort things out as quickly as possible.

The most common scenario is lost keys. A key has gone astray, has it been left in the door and taken, has someone stolen it, was it your only key? We naturally want to ensure the protection of our family and possessions and we know that the quicker this kind of problem is resolved the sooner we can relax safely again.

The majority of lock changes can be completed the same and at reasonably short notice, so if you're in a pickle and decide that you need to get those locks changed ASAP, just give us. A phonecall.

If you've been unfortunate to have been burgled and they've made a mess of your locks we also provide a repairs service for doors in the Walsall area.

Locksmith Services

Changing of locks - New home owners

When purchasing a new property or moving into a new rental, we strongly advise on the changing of the main external locks.

Keys tend to be handed around between old tenants, tradesmen, every agent and his pet dog... In the end, who knows how many keys are out there that will permit access to your new home.

Ensuring all main doors are secured is a wise move and should be top of the to do list when moving in.

An even better idea is to upgrade those locks to anti snap specification whilst you're at it, even the most basic level of anti snap lock will be a considerable upgrade in security from bog standard lock cylinders. I provide several types of anti snap lock to suit varying budgets.

locks for upvc doors and windows

If you still have the older style wooden doors in place, we can upgrade these locks to conform with the latest British Standards, ensuring your insurance policy requirements are still satisfied. It's often confusing for new home owners, half of the time the insurance company isn't sure what they're asking for. We're here to advise and recommend the best solutions.

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