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Locks for emergency lock work

Emergency Locksmith Services

Locked out? Door not locking properly? Whatever your lock issue, I can help. Not quite 24/7, everyone needs a break, but will do my best to help you out in that emergency situation.

It's so easy to walk out of your house without the key and some doors will just automatically lock behind you. Not great when you've nipped to put the bin out in your pyjamas.

I've seen it all as an emergency locksmith in Walsall, and with the exception of vehicles, I can open and/or replace all domestic and commercial locks for those unfortunate enough to need my services.

Doors also have a tendency to break at the worst possible time. Those stiff locks you've been wrestling with for the last few months love to fail when you're about to head off on holiday or need to leave for work. I'll always do my best to get to you as quickly as possible to help unlock your door, if I can't make it in a reasonable time I will always provide the details of other reputable locksmiths covering Walsall, I'm not going to leave you hanging around to make a few quid. I'm here primarily to help you out.

Additional Locksmith Services

Here are some of the other types of work I cover besides the obvious lock changes and fitting.

Bailiff and eviction work - Attending to open and change locks with court evictions and property repossessions.

Door hinges and hardware - Repair & Replacement of all uPVC door locks and hardware.

Window Locks - Unjamming and replacement of faulty window locks.

Sliding Doors - Rollers and mechanism repairs/replacement.

Improving Security - Antisnap locks and insurance spec hardware.

Master Keys - Locks built to work on a single or multiple keys to your spec.

locked doors that need opening

If there's anything you're unsure of or want to pick my brains on something lock related, just give me a call. I'm always happy to help and all advise is free, there's no obligation to use my services at all.

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